Not your typical supplement

How many nutrients does your diet really contain?

Less than you might think. That is why there is Bodhi.

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Meeting your daily needs is not always feasible

Did you know the nutritional value of our food is falling?

How many Belgians between the ages of 3 and 64 eat sufficiently?


Source: Food Consumption Survey 2014-2015. Scientific Institute of Public Health.

A good health

is the foundation of every personal success

Personal success

Bodhi supplements what you are still missing

We start from your healthy lifestyle, because that's essential

Live long and healthy

The Bodhi capsules are full of healthy substances that are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, delay wear and prevent general aging.

Increase your quality of life

Bodhi supports the optimal functioning of your body processes with respect for the natural balance, in order to prevent deterioration.

Rare ingredients

These powerful ingredients with scientifically proven benefits are missing in your diet: alpha lipoic acid, resveratrol, Q10, green tea, ...
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Why Bodhi?

Supplement shortcomings of the current lifestyle

  • For those who occasionally miss a healthy meal
  • Unique formula aimed at longevity
  • Qualitative, natural ingredients with proven benefits
  • A smaller chance of chronic diseases
  • One dose per day
  • Safe, sustainable & 100% Belgian
  • Delivered in your letterslot
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Why Bodhi?
Scientific formula

Scientific formula

The Bodhi formula is designed by the (top sports) doctor and specialist in health sciences from Healthitude.

Stay healthy, by supporting the mechanisms of your body and preventing shortages.

Get even healthier, improve your quality of life with more energy and well-being.

Live longer, by slowing down aging and reducing the risk of (age-related) disease.

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Also home-delivered every 4 weeks

The subscription is not mandatory, but it is easy and economical

Never run out of supply

Consistent consumption ensures the highest effectiveness of the substances. This is made easy by subscribing to Bodhi.

You are in control

Update the delivery date as it suits you. Pause or stop your subscription whenever you want, without notice. There is no hassle.

The Bodhi dispenser

Because taking care of your health can also be fun!

Store your capsules in style

Convenient, smooth intake

Don't forget your daily dose

Discover a new way of supplementation
The Bodhi dispenser

Start your healthy habit

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