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Top up your health with Bodhi. Daily supplement your diet with Bodhi, avoid shortages and increase your healthspan

Not your typical supplement

Bodhi only contains ingredients with scientifically proven benefits

Long and healthy life

The Bodhi capsules are full of healthy substances that are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, delay wear and prevent general aging.

Quality over quantity

Bodhi only contains what really works, in sensible amount and quality form, meaning fewer and different substances than a traditional multivitamin.

Easily sustainable

Receive your refills in a sustainable packaging every 28 days. Take a daily supplement from your handy Bodhi dispenser.
How does it work?
Extend your healthspan

Extend your healthspan

The Bodhi formula is designed by a doctor and specialist in health sciences, focusing on counteracting aging processes in the body.

Stay healthy, by supporting the mechanisms of your body and preventing shortages.

Get even healthier, improve your quality of life with more energy and well-being.

Live longer, by slowing down aging and reducing the risk of disease.

Discover the scientific composition of Bodhi

More years in your life, more life in your years

Avoid shortages, take Bodhi

We can't always get all the nutrients we need from food alone

Scientific formula

Extend your healthspan

One dose per day

Say goodbye to your cocktail of pills

mail box

Delivered on time

Never run out of supply

Attractive design

Never forget your supplement

Durable, convenient packaging

No awkward (plastic) bags, jars or blister packs

It's in your hands

You are in control

Choose your delivery date as it suits you. Pause or stop your subscription whenever you want. There is no hassle. So feel free to simply try Bodhi just once.

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