Supplement a healthy lifestyle

Almost all of us are chronically vitamin D deprived because we are insufficiently exposed to wholesome sunlight. Supplementing the basic vitamins and minerals is not a luxury due to our Western, unnatural lifestyle. Of course, a broad and varied diet lies at the basis of any healthy lifestyle.

Did you know the nutritional value of our food is falling?

By favouring appearance and maximum yield, we are breeding the nutrients out of our food.
Furthermore, more CO2 in our atmosphere causes higher sugar-rates which supplant the micronutrients in our fruits and vegetables.

Scientific formula

The goal: Avoid frequently occurring deficiencies of the important minerals and vitamins
and thus slow down, stop or reverse the degenerative processes in the body.


The Bodhi-capsule was formulated by Healthitude, a doctor and specialist in health sciences.

Each ingredient has been carefully selected based on proven effects on your health. Consequently, Bodhi contains fewer and different elements than a traditional multivitamin.

The composition

Click on a substance in the table to read why it is included in the Bodhi-formula.

This formula applies to adults from the age of 18 with no significant medical history. Different, more personalized advice applies to children and patients with certain conditions. Cannot replace a balanced and varied diet and healthy lifestyle.

What's not included?

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Vegetarian capsules

Vegetarian capsules

The only animal element is the vitamin D that comes from lanolin. We prefer this natural source of vitamin D instead of synthetic alternatives as it is absorbed better.

The capsules are also transparent, since we have nothing to hide.