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    Save your capsules in the handy, refillable Bodhi dispenser, because taking care of your health can also be fun.

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    Take 1 capsule per day for a healthy boost

    Prevention is better than cure. A daily Bodhi capsule is the necessary addition to your healthy lifestyle.

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    Receive a new supply every 28 days

    Each refill comes in a compact, durable envelope that fits in your letterslot. So you don't have to be at home.

19,99europer 28 days

Optional: One-off15,99for the dispenser


Increased immunity

More energy


Better safe than sorry

Extend your healthspan

Bodhi prevents vitamin and mineral deficiencies, while promoting positive health effects. This is how we want to slow down, stop or reverse the degenerative processes in the body.

Less risk of morbidity and mortality

With Bodhi you strive for a smaller susceptibility to certain diseases and a smaller chance of dying.
The substances in Bodhi are antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, delay wear and prevent general aging. For instance, the hardening and wear of vein walls is prevented, which offers protection against cardiovascular diseases.
Another example is resveratrol, which is known for its anti-aging properties.
Discover the positive effects of the various ingredients on your body


Consistent consumption ensures the highest effectiveness of the substances. This is made easy by subscribing to Bodhi. Do you prefer to try Bodhi first? No problem!

Discover all the ingredients of Bodhi
Discover the ingredients
You are in control

You are in control

Choose your delivery date as it suits you. Pause or stop your subscription whenever you want. There is no hassle. So feel free to simply try Bodhi just once. You have total control via your profile on the website.

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