The Bodhi dispenser

Because taking care of your health can also be fun!

The Bodhi dispenser

A new way of supplementation

We move away from the boring and commercial boxes and introduce an alternative with a beautiful design. The unique Bodhi dispenser encourages you to take your supplement each day, smoothly. At home, you put the dispenser in your sight, so you do not forget to take your daily dose. This way, we promote consistent intake, which ensures the highest effectiveness of the substances. You no longer have to feel like a patient with all those jars and blisters.

Thanks to the refillable and therefore reusable dispenser, we have been able to make the refill packs extra economical. Much more (eco)logical than buying a new (plastic) jar every month, right?

Price: 24.99euro

The ingredients provide a physical boost, the fun experience provides a mental boost

How it works

Each subscription should use the handy dispenser to enjoy the optimal experience

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